Monday, 21 May 2012

Trip to Chichester

Today I took a trip to Chichester with only one destination in sight, The Eternal Maker. It is about an hour drive away from Basingstoke and well worth the petrol used. I wanted to check it out after meeting Sarah the co owner, at the Creative Stitches show in Brighton.

What an incredible place, stocked full of impossible to find Japanese fabrics, unusual patterns and special little buttons. I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah's daughter and co owner, Anna today, who is as helpful, friendly and passionate about fabric as her mother.

I bought 1.5 meters of each of these fabrics and the highly esteemed Oliver + S Ice cream dress pattern. It will become gifts for two of my colleagues daughters who are both 8 months old. The fabrics are called Storyboek and Monaluna from Birch fabrics.

I could not believe my luck when I found Heather Ross, owl and pussycat fabric. I have been staring at this on my computer screen lovingly, ogling pictures of this seemingly unavailable beauty. There were 3.5 meters left on the roll so I snapped it all up. It may have cost £16. per meter but worth every penny, how could I resist!


I have also admired this fabric for a while, there was only half a meter left so they have another empty roll, now I just need to decide what to make with them.

Anna said "goodbye beautiful fabric" to my selection as she passed them over and I left with a huge smile.

On the way home the sun came out so I detoured to the nearest sea side and had a little walk along the beach. Tomorrow I am visiting the RHS Chelsea Flower show with my Mum and Nick, we all love gardening and I am very excited about seeing this years show gardens for ideas on how to squeeze more plants in my tiny little garden.


  1. Gosh! I went to The Eternal Maker's online store, and I was blown away by all the fantastic fabrics. You made great choices but how were you able to choose????

    1. It was tough, they have even more in the shop than listed on line, far too many for them to list. It was very tricky deciding but I knew I had to have these ones.

  2. After a day at Chelsea Flower Show I might have to spend the evening shopping at The Eternal Maker. They have Summersville in stock - I have been trying to find in the UK for weeks. It might be an expensive evening.

  3. You made some wonderful choices - how on earth did you choose.

  4. Hello, nice to "meet" someone local. It's a great place to live. If there were a few more crafty shops like this one it would be even better! Very impressed with your dressmaking skills, I think I was put off making clothes by my efforts in needlework at school but as I can never find anything I like in the shops I might have a go again :)

  5. Hello! Lucky you! I dream of making a trip to The Eternal Maker. Their stand at the Knitting and Stitching show is always amazing!