Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pink Chambray Blouse

What a busy bank holiday weekend. I had planned on relaxing after finishing my Elephant blouse but instead, quickly set to work cutting another continental blouse in pink chambray. This didn't take long either, so I started sewing, I promised myself I would stop sewing at 7pm and I did. After completing two jobs at work this morning I was told by the office it was quiet and could take holiday if I liked, so I jumped at the chance and got straight back to sewing.

I am very pleased to have completed another blouse, it took me less than 8 hours in total. No mistakes in cutting this time and my darts are perfectly even, which was a relief, I added 2inches of fullness to the back gathers and 2inches to the length again. This pattern is perfect, easy to follow and great for beginners like me. 


  1. I love how the band on the neckline looks on this one.

    Looking back through your photos, you have an excess of lovely footwear too.

  2. Thanks Johanna, I am going to a sewing show tomorrow so going to wear it there. I am also having dinner with friends in the evening so I get to wear the elephant print version too.

  3. Love the added fullness in the back! I also like the added length too! You have become quite the seamstress...

    1. That is a massive compliment thank you, I really admire your style and find your blog so inspiring.