Saturday, 5 May 2012

Continental Elephant Blouse

The weekend has arrived and I have only one thing on my mind, little elephants. Recent weeks have been rainy and grey and I wanted to make something more weather appropriate to wear with jeans. I treated myself to some dark blue elephant poplin a while ago and have been sizing it up since, trying to decided which pattern would work best. I finally decided on another Lisette pattern I have been desperate to try, 2059 - continental blouse. I love the plain front and pleated back panel feature, and also wanted to have another go at setting in sleeves.

It has taken me six hours so far and I just have to stitch down the neck facing then hem, I have run out of the correct colour thread, how annoying at this time in the evening. I mostly made french seams and found it really easy to sew, the sleeves were no challenge for me at all, lovely and even with no puckers.

I did have a bit of a challenge with the cutting, I foolishly folded the fabric slightly off line and only realised when I marked on the bust darts, after cutting. One dart ended on an elephant the row above the other and there was no fabric left to re-cut. I folded the front piece properly and cut it even on both sides, this meant leaving out the bust darts so I had enough fabric left. I am glad I persisted as the fabric is so cute and I think it works perfectly with the pattern.


  1. What a lovely fabric, so cute! And the model is also lovely, I've been eyeing the Lisette Continental myself. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. So cute! How much would you charge to make this for someone? (i.e. - ME!)

  3. I really Love this!!! Can you make me one???