Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lisette 2060

I just finished another Lisette lovely and here it is. I got the purple cotton in freelance fabrics in Kiddlington and the leopard print from cutting edge fabric in Newbury. I am going to wear it out for more Tapas with friends tomorrow I just need to finish the hem and sew on 3 bright purple buttons. It took alot longer than intended as I had to unpick the sleeves and cut and make them in size 14, the dress is size 8. I have quite muscly arms and did not realize quite how big they had got, I will definitely make sure I cut bigger arms in future.

I also got to try the button hole tool on my sewing machine which was very exciting, 3 prefect button holes on the left shoulder.

The belt was really good fun to make, it is designed to be worn on waist but I prefer it on the hips so I will make a longer one this evening ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Not sure my first comment took so I'm posting again. So if you get two comments from me forgive me! I love the fabric you used and how you turned it into a tunic. I made this as well and it was a little too short for work so I may turn it into a tunic. I also had sleeve problems like you did. Thinking about making it sleeveless somehow. Looks great! Check mine out on my blog,