Sunday, 15 April 2012

Souvenir Sleeves

Its good to see I am not the only one who struggled with the fitting of the sleeve. It seems as if the back of the sleeve, where it joins to the body is far to short to meet the neck edge. It really is, but I can only think it is meant to be so forced it to fit and both attempts have turned out perfect, you cannot see where I had to pull the fabric a bit to make it line up.

Pattern pieces five and six form each sleeve. Once sewn together, piece five will be at the front and six joins the back 

I suggest first lining up the underarm seams of one sleeve and the body part and stitching within the seam allowance to hold it in place. Once I had done this I lined the bias tape on the sleeve with the neck edge of the body, at the front and back and also held each in place with a couple of stitches. 

I pinned the front's together and they lined up fine, on the back there seemed to be much more fabric on the body part than there is on the sleeve part, I started at the neck and pulled the end of the bias tape down towards the underarm before pinning, I carried on pulling the back of the sleeve as I pinned it and eventually I had the sleeve fabric sitting evenly with the body.

I basted in place first and checked there were no gathers or tucks, then stitched. Once sewn you would never no the pieces had not seemed the right lengths. I guess this is some clever design feature, I have no idea why or how it works but fully trust Lisette that it is no mistake.


  1. Thank you SOO much for these helpful tips. I have this on my spring sewing list and was happy to see your super cute, spring-y example.

  2. Thank you for this! I have been very frustrated with this problem the last couple of days and yours is the only blog I can find that posts a solution. What had me so baffled is that my notches are lined up perfectly and then I have about an inch both front and back of each sleeve that is too short! They no longer line up if I stretch it to fit, but oh well! Off to finish it up!