Friday, 9 March 2012

Almost simplicity 2147

Having attempted this pattern twice and failing to alter the existing pattern pieces, I decided a complete re-design was the only option. The body part of this pattern ends up being shaped like a barrel once pleated and is horribly unflattering. I love the A line shape of the Lisette Portfolio tunic and used this as a template for the shape of the new body.

I measured the top of the pattern piece with the pleats folded in (24cm Sz10) and made sure I made the top  of the pattern this width. I used the curve of the top of the pattern piece with pleats folded to get the correct shape, I then used one of the portfolio dresses I have made and followed the curve down from under the under arm to the bottom. This made the template for the back.

For the front I decided to gather instead of pleat so made the pattern piece wider at the top but followed the same curve. I used the original front pattern piece for the top of the pattern and left the middle pleat unfolded to get the extra fabric for gather.

Top part of the Tunic made using more fabric from Ikea.

 Left is the body made using the original pattern.         Right is the body using new pieces.

 Practice run to test my new pattern before I cut the nice fabric. I have tried it on and it fits perfectly and more importantly is flattering, not a barrel.

I am going to try and finish my spotty Tunic tomorrow so will update with the results.


  1. Great result Katy and love the ikea fabric. When Simplicity listed this pattern as a "Learn to Sew" piece, I reckon what they really meant is "Learn to Fix" (personally I think the model on the front has a big bulldog clip holding the back of the dress to give it some shape) I like your reshaping option of the body of the dress - will definitely keep that in mind when I next give this dress a whirl on the machine.

  2. So true Sammy, I agree with the bulldog clip! I am so glad I have learnt to fix this pattern though as I do love that yoke!

    Thank you Nicole and Mummy for comments, it caused me alot of head aches trying to work it out.