Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birthday Girl

It was my 29th Birthday yesterday, I spent the day with my Grandma, Mummy and Nick, eating cakes and opening presents. I received lots of sewing related gifts, I think everyone got the hint that I am obsessed with sewing.

The postman arrived with two parcels, one from my Dad in Germany, and one from my Sister in Kent.
Below are the contents from my Sister Bex and her boyfriend Matt. What a brilliant present, the pattern and fabric to make the pictured Amy Butler bag, I can't wait to get started on it. There was also a bag with a giraffe printed on it, which came in handy for taking everything to my mums to show her.

On Thursday I had a day out in Brighton and went to my first sewing fair. Where I got to enjoy the experience of viewing fabrics I had only ever seen pictures of before, Nani Iro and Etsuko Furuya mainly. I have been admiring other peoples use of these fabrics and contemplating buying online but I do prefer to see and feel them for myself first.

I met lots of interesting people and discovered shops like Eternal Maker where I got some Nani Iro fabric, the shop is only about 40 minutes drive from me so I will be visiting soon, they also run some classes which I would like to try.

On return from Brighton I had Tapas with friends in Basingstoke followed by Rachel's home made Birthday cupcakes. Thanks to everyone for all the presents and get togethers.

Rainy day in Brighton, The Grand Hotel

Nani Iro, Melody sketch  - 2meters

Nani Iro, Peaceful cooing- 2.5meters

Some more of the wonderful sewing related presents I received

 This book came with a Cath Kidson bag to make from my Mummy and Nick

This book from my Mum, it is translated from a Japanese book and has caused some interesting reactions from friends and family I have shown it to. What do you think?

My Mum also got me 2.5 meters of beautiful light pink babycord from the Berwick street cloth shop. I want to turn it into something I can wear year round, like a short dungaree dress or pinafore to wear over things. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. Happy birthday!
    What creative gifts you received and wonderful fabrics you got at the fair. Looking forward to see what you make of them!

    1. Thank you, I don't know what to start first!

  2. Have fun with the Burda Style book! What are you going to work on first? The Melody Sketch fabric is fabulous... so jealous!

    1. I have no idea what to make first, so many lovely things.. I think I need to make an action plan before starting. There are some wonderful ideas in the Burda Style book. x

  3. Happy Birthday Katy! Sounds like a perfect day and love that Nani Iro fabric you picked out. Your sewing library looks very familiar :) just treated myself to the burda style book and am keen to give those patterns a go.
    The Japanese do make the most intriguing books - tempted to get the cat one just for the sheer quirkiness of it - my cats certainly leave enough hair around the mind boggles as to what I could make. As to the cord fabric - I like the idea of a pinafore, think cord looks good layered with other fabrics/textures.

  4. Thanks Sammy, I am collecting cat hair in preparation, I only have the one cat, but I am currently looking after 7 others next door, So perfect time to get this book. I will look for a suitable pattern for a pinafore, failing that devise one myself. x

  5. Wow crafting with cat hair?! Who would of ever thunk it?? I certainly could do lots with this book as I have 3 cats in the house. Maybe I could incorporate my Pug's hair into this as well??
    Happy Belated Birthday!!