Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer Sewing Space

The past few days we have had glorious sunshine, which is a wonderful thing, when I am not working. I woke up this morning, determined to get some sewing done but wasn't prepared to miss out on enjoying the weather. So I moved my dining room contents into the garden, put on some music and began work. It was a bit breezy, so the perfect environment for being outside. I had to weigh everything down to prevent it blowing off the table, as I was pinning the front pieces together one bit got blown straight off the table and into the pond! Thankfully I keep the pond clear so it wasn't dirty just very soggy, I gave it a rinse and it dried pretty quickly in the sun. I am making a portfolio dress for my Mum at the moment.

 Tiger enjoying some shade bathing.


  1. Your wisteria is beautiful. One of my favourites! x

  2. Thanks Sonia, it is scattered with red rambling roses now. It looks very pretty, I just need the rain to stop so I can take a pic.