Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sewing Space

Who needs a dining area anyway! The downstairs of my house is very open plan and I have quickly discovered my sewing essentials take up allot of space. So the only solution was to turn the dining table into a sewing table and use the shelves by the french windows to house my fabrics and sewing box. When I'm not sewing I cover my cutting mat with a table cloth so I don't have to find space for it. Whilst sewing, my ironing board sits by the doors or if the weather is fair on the decking. Perfect, I had considered moving to make room for sewing and  to gain more outside space. After discovering how much the fees are to move and how much more it costs for a bit more land in south east England, I will be content with my little space.

Another reason I am staying put, my plum tree is set to reach its personal best this year. The warm weather has made everything in the garden spring into life, all four dwarf duo fruit trees have flowers on them so I have high hopes for lots of home grown fruit. My friend Rachel treated me to a raspberry bush for my Birthday last year and it is also doing well. We are set for a week of rain so no more sitting in the garden bee watching.

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