Saturday, 8 October 2011

Corduroy Chaos

I wanted to make a Corduroy version of the lisette portfolio dress because I love corduroy and want a more hard wearing, warm dress for winter. I got some bright blue thick Corduroy from my local fabric shop and cut all the pattern pieces. I had not attempted sewing corduroy yet but managed to assemble the front perfectly. I foolishly tried ironing the fabric and burnt it, thankfully I think it will be hidden in the seam allowance so a good lesson learnt. I was a bit disappointed after the burning incident so went back to the fabric shop and got some bright red pure cotton corduroy to start again and avoid the chances of burning. I decided to come back to the blue dress once the Red one is complete. I have just finished sewing up the front of the Red dress and will hopefully get it finished by next weekend. Here they are, I hope they hang ok in the front and the seams sit flat, I am working very experimentally at the moment so its more exciting waiting for the results.

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