Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cozy Corduroy

I finally (nearly) finished making my Red corduroy dress, after lots of broken needles and head aches it is now all done apart from the hem, which I need advice on. I am so pleased with it, perfect for chilly winters, a lovely casual dress, so toasty I don't even need to wear a coat over it. It was very difficult to sew, I had to re-cut the neck pieces 3 times before I finally got it right, I have no idea why as the first two Portfolio dresses weren't that bad.

Once I have hemmed it I will be living in my new dress, I also went and bought a larger size pattern to make one for my Mummy for Christmas we have very similar taste and I think she would look lovely in a black or red corduroy one too. It took hours to make but well worth all the time to get such a gorgeous result. I made the neck band slightly less wide to give it a more casual look too.

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