Monday, 9 July 2012

I have been a bit absent from blogging recently due to an exciting new venture.. Staystitching 

Having found it really difficult to find cute designer fabrics in the UK, which are good for dress making as well as quilting. I thought, why not start my own webshop and import some, so that's just what I did. I managed to find suppliers of Japanese fabric and fabric from America and have purchased 40 bolts to see how it goes. Obviously my blog followers get discounts so please ask if you want any of my fabrics and I can set you up a discount code.

I currently stock different weights of cotton & cotton/linen blend fabric as well as Amy Butler Voile and Sateen.

I really hope to be able to stock some designer oilcloth and corduroy soon as it is so hard to find these in the UK. Please feel free to link to my shop on your site, I would love it and any comments will be gladly received, it is an ongoing project of development which I hope will improve with time.
I have still found time for a bit of sewing for myself, here is what I made.

Heather Ross - Owl & Pussycat purse

Tula Pink - Prince charming oilcloth
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  1. Oh wow - what an exciting adventure! I haven't got room for any stash at the moment (we're moving and if anything I'm going to ave to have a clear out - boo!) but will be browsing your shop with intent, sorry interest!!!!! Sx

  2. Thanks Sonia, I hope the move goes well and you end up with more space for sewing after it. x

  3. So this is what you have been up to :) I have been wondering what you've been doing. Wow! I'm really impressed with your energy and courage to do this. I will visit you webshop asap.
    Good luck, hope it will go well!

  4. Ditto the Wow's! Congratulations, website looks fantastic (squirrel is very cute) and your fabric selection is gorgeous....must stop drooling....and remind myself that I have to finish at least four more outfits before I am allowed to buy any more fabric!!