Thursday, 22 September 2011

I Love Lisette

After my success at making a bag I wanted to challenge myself further and make a more complex casual dress. I fell in love with a Lisette pattern 2245 and decided it was the dress for me. I love casual dresses with leggins so dashed off to get some fabric. Cutting Edge fabric in Basingstoke have a huge selection, I found a cute black cotton with green and blue spots which I thought would be perfect.

The pattern was very easy to follow until I got to the neck line, this was very tricky as you have to pin the widest edge of the curved neck band to the inside edge of the dress with right sides together, which means starting in the middle and minipulating the fabric round the curved edge. I managed it after four attempts and it looks perfect. I went straight over to my mums to give her and my grandma a preview, they were amazed and gave me some buttons and thread as a reward.

The following day I wore my gorgeous dress out to lunch with friends and they loved it too.


  1. That is so cute! I think I will have to give this pattern a try. I just love Lisette patterns! I just bought some really cute fabric by Lisette the other day and I think this is just the pattern for it.

    1. I would love some of that Lisette fabric sateen looks fabulous, hopefully ebay will provide. It is not sold in the UK, yet!